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Latest News: Coronavirus (COVID-19)



To Our Much Valued Clients,

With the changes in our lives because of the coronavirus (Covid-19), we would like everyone to know that we are monitoring this epidemic with the greatest of caution with the CDC and various other agencies.

In response to the contagiousness of the virus, we are increasing the frequency of our viral disinfectant protocols especially in common areas that may be touched at a higher rate including door handles, handicap bars, doors, pens, clipboards etc. Carrying your own pens could also be helpful to reduce your risk of contracting the virus. We do have Purell available at the front desk. We will be hand shake free during this time. We always practice good hygiene with frequent handwashing even before the outbreak.

In addition, we are expanding the appointment times to one hour to better accommodate the recommended social distancing. We use separate check-in and check-out counters for limited contact.

If you would prefer to wait outside in your car or have us come to the car to get your pet, please call our office at 985-892-5252 once arriving in the parking lot. 

For medication and food transactions, we can take payment over the phone and bring your medication to the car. All medications are dispensed wearing gloves, including the prescription bag. Food will be handled in the same manner. We also offer an online store on our website, www.abitavet.com, to help with access to products and food.

Our goal is to help protect your health while providing care for your pet. It is our oath to protect your health at all times and not just during an epidemic. We will keep you updated if there are any future changes that may affect our office hours.

Much regard and stay safe,

Dr. Edwards and the staff at Abita Veterinary Practice


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